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Our mission is to take democracy and holistic development to the citizens in the grass roots of India by strengthening the structures of democracy across tiers, by empowering citizens to realize their absolute power and by bringing transparency in all levels of governance. We strive to enhance the power of citizenship in the governance process.

  • Issues with Indian Democracy

    • Locus of Power not resting with Citizens
    • Lack of Data that leads to conceptualization of weak strategies that further results in a Non-Transparent system
    • Systemic collapse of Governance
    • Missing connection between citizens and everyday democracy
    • Lack of understanding about the system of democracy and existing social contract
    • Unsustainable economic practices leading to a malignant form of uneven growth in a socialist democracy
  • Fundamentals

    • To think, realise and visualize democracy beyond the process of voting.
    • To ensure that people in the grassroots understand the power of being a true democratic citizen.
    • To make citizens understand the Social Contract and the immense responsibility that comes with being a part of the Social Contract in a large democracy such as India.
    • Making all four pillars and structures of democracy accountable using the citizen centric approach.
    • Ensuring transparency in Governance across tiers and departments. Understanding that corruption is merely a symptom of the larger disease of ‘Lack of Transparency’.

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