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Development of Panchayats

India has a remarkable achievement of continuing Panchayati Raj System, which is an integral part of its culture and civilization. Article 243G of the Constitution of India mandates the Gram Panchayats (GPs) to prepare and implement Gram Panchayat Development Plans (GPDP) for economic development and social justice by converging/ integrating all such programmes of the Panchayat, State and Centre within their geographical area. Further, as local governments, GPs are responsible for the delivery of basic services to local citizens and address vulnerabilities of poor and marginalized sections of the population. This can only be achieved through conceptualization and implementation of well thought out plans through efficient and responsible utilization of resources available at the disposal of the GPs and by expanding the resources to meet their priorities.

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Alamarathadi.com is an online platform which serves to bring Panchayat governance closer to the people of the Panchayats and enables them to realize their power in making democracies, especially the local democracies, fully functional. We live in a time when global phenomena such as climate change, urbanisation and migration have repercussions in people’s everyday lives, which is why efficient local, democratic institutions are now more important than ever before. Decision-making processes need to be efficient, transparent and inclusive. And it is highly critical for the country to work on strengthening the local governance systems in line with the GOI guidelines. All plans made centrally should be adapted to and followed at the grass root level to ensure permeation of stipulated growth till the last mile. Also, in order to leverage rural India as a platform to develop our economic growth models on, it is very much needed to have strong local governance systems in place without which translating the growth of the rural economy into reality would just be a forlorn dream.

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Agri restore Foundation

Agri Restore Foundation was set up with a vision to revitalize the fabric of local economies, with sustainable agriculture as focus and reinvigorate social, economic, environmental and spiritual wellbeing of people and planet. With Gandhian Economics and the concept of an ‘Economy of Permanence’, as set out by J.C.Kumarappa as central to our philosophy, we set out to define our mission as one to ‘Build Sustainable, Local, Socio-Economic and Socio-political Models that Place the Wellbeing of the People and the Planet above all else!’ We aim to achieve the same by conceptualizing and effectuating best practices of economic and democratic localization, and by strengthening local democratic Institutions and their capabilities in delivering social justice and economic development.

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