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Citizenship Education Wing

RACLD strives to engage with people across age groups and wants to primarily take 'Citizenship Education' to the masses. We aspire to bridge the significant lack of information on democracy in public forums and work towards educating people about the innate and constitutionally bestowed powers that they hold and can wield. By establishing our active presence across social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook alongside our very own YouTube channel, we encourage all to contribute their thoughts on topic pertaining to democracy, citizenship, governance etc, and build a 'share and learn' culture. To reach out to a wider audience, we also seek to regularly contribute in national and regional dailies and weekly magazines on issues surrounding democracy, development, public policies, political processes and citizens' rights. Through this wing, we are primarily looking forward to designing and developing training programs for young citizens, to help them prepare and execute plans for their own locality and schools, for local leaders, to help them draft and execute plans for their Panchayats and for others interested in learning more about the topic. By conducting workshops for young adults, leaders in local government institutions, and others on the significance of citizen's participation in making democracy meaningful, we aspire to build a strong network of 'aware' citizens who deliver actionable results in their surroundings. We are looking forward to run Certificate and Diploma Programs in democracy, development, public policy, political processes, gender and governance, fiscal federalism, and citizens' rights in collaboration with national and international universities through various modes as well. We encourage volunteers and interns who want to work in the space to get involved with us to help us in this sphere of work.

Research and Data Analytics Wing

Big data analysis is proposed as the very definite tool for finding solutions to some of world's most pressing problems of today. That talk is not one without strong backing. Big data is a very vital tool for good Governance, intricate Public policy making and methodical implementation. Lack of dynamic largescale data with widespread negligence of transparency in government budgeting and decision making, fueled by sub-par research being fed as inputs to our Government has potentially handicapped 'Governance' in our country. To bridge this ever-widening gap, we are committed to commissioning quality research with a keen sense for collection of big data and analysis of the same with the help of expert minds in the areas of democratic decentralization, development, public policy, political processes, gender and governance, fiscal decentralization etc. We also analyze the existing public policies for providing meaningful suggestions and recommendations to all concerned factions of governance. We look for experts to come on board to be part of this highly important initiative which can clearly address the governance issues what we, as a nation, are facing.

Local Democracy Wing

Local governments are at the core of democratic development around the world and it is the everyday work carried out by villages, towns, cities, municipalities and regions that create the change that is fundamental for equitable, inclusive and sustainable global development. We live in a time when global phenomena such as climate change, urbanization, migration and unemployment have repercussions in people's everyday lives, which is why functional local, democratic institutions are more important than ever before. Decision-making processes need to be efficient, transparent and inclusive. And every citizen should have the same opportunity to exert influence. The four core areas equality, participation, transparency and accountability are cornerstones of positive democratic development. Focusing on the freedom and rights of individuals, RACLD aims at strengthening the decentralization processes, Gram Panchayat Development Plan (GPDP) execution, local self-government (Panchayat Raj), civil society and citizenship to achieve excellence at grass root level governance.

Rural Economy Restoration Wing

Mahatma Gandhi believed that the progress of the country lies in the development of majority of its rural villages, rural economies and rural skills. He ascertained that the only way for beckoning a good standard of living for the rural people is by making the village the central node in economic planning, thus ensuring a self-sufficient village economy. Following Gandhi's footsteps, RACLD works towards translating self-sufficient village economies into a reality and believes that 'economic efficiency' refers to the revival of village industries for sustainable economic development. Hence, RACLD works on strengthening rural economies and making Panchayats self-sustainable by strategically linking the State and the Market via unique interventions.

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