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Global Crises Demand 'Local' Action - An Introduction


From the  recent Covid-19 pandemic that brought the world to a screeching halt to several other diseases ravaging humanity, rampant poverty to climate change leading to loss of ecosystems, livelihoods, mass extinction of species and the ever steepening rates of people affected with depression and stress to the ever increasing heedless chaos and conflict in most parts of the world because of destabilization of democracies, civil wars, terrorism , the world is gradually being brought to its’ knees today on many fronts by a recurrent slew of converging crises.

Misplaced notions of economic development that focus only on mere numbers and quantifying economic growth coupled with an overwhelming wave of Globalization and Economic Policies across countries favoring the same quantification of human development have only accelerated the malaise of unsustainable economic growth, giving enough leeway for the many crises to emerge.

By legitimizing enterprises driven largely to extract pure profit at the expense of environment and people’s well-being to thrive alongside creating a whole new generation of human beings succumbing to newer misplaced ideals of success, mindless globalization has only resulted in an unhappy people and an unhappy planet. By denying local cultures of their pride, identity, governance and local economies of their markets, globalization has stolen the identity of billions of humans across the world, forever forcing them to chase an illusionary mass identity resulting in constant discontent driven by fear psychosis. Rapid industrialization leading to uncontrollable urbanization in otherwise ‘nature-driven’ economies has already started showing signs of civilizational failure, because of the enormous stress laid by it on the resources needed for the very sustenance of humans ourselves.

With the sprouting of crises that threaten the very survival of mankind, some countries across the globe have off-late started realizing that the present never-ending chase of economic growth numbers, while keeping nature and human spirit in the sidelines might not be sustainable for the human race going forward. The initially seen positive effects have been found to have accumulated several negative spill-over effects on natural and human well-being, thus cancelling itself out in the long run.  Hence a clarion call for a renewed localization, sustainable economics and sustainable development has to be raised across the globe. Weaving the well-being of nature and that of the other species that we co-exist with along with our own well-being, work and enterprises is the need of the hour.

From the UN to every other international organization and forward-thinking country, the dominating economic discourse of today should center around sustainable economics focused on a renewed strengthening of local resources leading to self-sustenance and strong local governance models. This very self-sustenance in turn is believed to result in nation-wide economic vibrancy and democratic strength resulting in world harmony as the end result.

09 - Jun - 2020

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